In recognizing that managing finances is simply the fuel to help you pursue your passions and spend time with the ones you love, we regularly share “What’s Happening at PDS” to let you know what our staff has been up to, both personally and professionally.

While all of us at PDS Planning continue to follow Ohio’s “Stay At Home Order” to help prevent the further spread of COVID-19, we wanted to share this special edition of “What’s Happening”.  We’re all adapting in our own unique ways to maintain our health, sanity, and personal connections while we continue to work from our homes.  We remind you that we continue to be available via email and phone during these unprecedented times.  Wishing you and your loved ones safety and good health from all of us at PDS.

Rita Itsell shares that she and her husband, Chris, are making great progress on the new PDS office with handcrafted projects created in their home workshop.  She shared a picture of special wood pieces reaching completion for the new PDS Planning branding wall.  Follow the projects as they are being created at Xoteric Design or on Instagram.

The construction is also continuing at our new Dublin location, so stay tuned for more updates on the progress.  We may not reach our new location by the end of April as we originally targeted, but we are hopeful for May.  We will be announcing our open house as soon as we are moved into our new space.

Laurie Licata and her husband are using technology to stay connected with their daughters and grandkids while they’re all sheltering in place.  In addition to their typical Facetime and Google Duo video chats, they’re playing family games like “21 Questions” together during some video calls.  She is staying active by exercising or taking a walk every day during her lunch break.  In her non-working hours, Laurie shares “I am reading and doing some serious Amazon Prime Video and Netflix binging!”  She recommends the book “On The Bright Side” by Melanie Shankle for an uplifting approach to put our crazy world into perspective and find joy.

Alyssa Anderson continues to follow her disciplined exercise routine, and reassures us that, of course, she is practicing social distancing while doing so.  One of her coaches from the gym started a “Do The Distance” challenge to get outside every day for 30+ minutes to walk, run, or bike, and then end the workout with a “finisher” final push workout (see her Post-it note for what an overachiever she is).  Alyssa shares, “I’m grateful the weather has cooperated enough to get outside and run some miles!  I’m also lucky for my fitness community that has been sharing workouts to keep motivation up while we all have to be apart.  I’m trying any workout I can get my hands on!”

Jamie Menges has been trying to spend a few minutes with his kids each morning when they get up because typically, he is, of course, at the office by that time.  He’s also trying to make a habit of getting outside for some exercise around mid-day since gyms are closed and it has been a nice way to “break up the monotony of  the day”.  Each evening, he has been competing against his son, Evan (11), in games of ping pong.  As Jamie states, “Well, “competing” might be inaccurate. More like dominating him.  The win streak reached 90 before the kid got one.  Somewhere, deep in the recesses of my mind, I’ve convinced myself this is tough-love parenting!”  As of Sunday night, 3/29/20, Jamie’s record is 118-1.

Dean Schuler and his family are trying to maintain a routine as much as possible.  Dean’s wife, Abbey, is a teacher and continues to be available to her students for distance learning and their boys doing their online assignments.  Spring Break starts this week where the Schulers will be making the long trip from their family room to the loft area to watch Netflix, play video games, and discuss plans for when life is back to normal.  Their evenings consist of training for the weekly “Schuler Olympics” where Dean was crowned the inaugural champion.  Dean explains the rankings as “determining pecking order of the household…though Abbey remains at the top of the order even without competing”.

Beth McCampbell has been enjoying a more flexible schedule while still working tirelessly for our clients from her “home office” (aka. her kitchen table).  During a previously “normal” workday, she would wake up at 4:30AM to workout, get ready for work, make breakfast, pack lunches, and take a few moments to enjoy her cup of coffee before driving into the office.  She’s been extending a little more grace to herself by sleeping in a little more, snuggling her puppy as often as possible (the picture is her at the table with him in her lap), working out over lunch, and taking walks with her husband and puppy in the evenings.

Jimmy Rogers and his wife, Cookie, have been spending quality time with their children: Mac (3), Bailey (1.5), and James (1 month old).  They’ve been relaxing together by taking long walks, making meals, and playing in the basement where Jimmy reports “Right now I’m dealing with construction workers!”

Kurt Brown shares that he’s changing more diapers and listening to more infant coos and the sounds of toddler toys than he typically does now that he’s working from home.  They are enjoying a daily walk together, and he is loving the extra time with his family (though he thinks his wife, Megan, is ready for him to get back to the office).

Tom Ellison and family are hunkered down and making the most of their time together.  He and his wife, Kathy, have two boys, Adam (9) and Dean (5), who have been doing an outstanding job of keeping themselves busy while mom and dad work.  During the week, Kathy prepares a daily school schedule for them where she fulfills the roles of Principal, Teacher, Lunch Lady, Janitor, and Guidance Counselor.  Tom is the Computer Technologist and P.E. Teacher, and truly appreciates all his wife does for their family.  The three boys have been spending time outside throwing the baseball and football, in the basement shooting on their new “Pop-A-Shot” basketball game, and playing with Lego.  In addition to their typical Facetime calls with family, they recommend the “Marco Polo” app to easily send and receive videos in family chat groups where everyone can share what they’re up to.

The Ellison Family recommends the following kid-friendly, online activities:

Drew Potosky and his wife, Liz, bought and moved into their first home recently and have been busy painting and enjoying the “pride of being homeowners” (aka. never-ending projects and upkeep).  Additionally, he has found that doing something more creative is helping him to relax and become a bit less overwhelmed.  Drew shares, “After spending most of my day looking at numbers and thinking analytically, being more creative has worked wonders for my mental health.”  He suggests taking pictures while on a walk, revisiting your childhood with a coloring book, or working on a puzzle.


Jill Olding is maintaining her sanity by texting with her siblings in a “Make Me Laugh” challenge.  She shares, “We text funny cartoons or sarcastic comments about how things are going in our lives now that most of us are working remotely and homeschooling our kids.”  This family text group is also a way to help keep her mom involved since she is isolated from family and unable to participate in her typical daily activities.  Since her mom can no longer attend a daily church service in person, every morning she emails the family an “inspirational bible verse or message as her way of incorporating a positive message or prayer to start each day”.  She also recommends watching the Food Network as relaxing change of pace from the news.

Shannon Sauer and family are making the best of their time at home together.  She shares that with two very involved kids, spring is typically their busiest time of year with sports and activities.  With their new non-stop family time, they have been outdoors riding bikes and taking walks, enjoying cooking together and trying new recipes, and relaxing in the evenings playing board games or watching movies.  They’re also tackling decluttering and organizing their home.

Amie Steinbach is keeping perspective by taking walks and “paying attention to each of the beautiful things I see blooming around me and remembering that change is upon is in so many ways despite what we are currently dealing with”.  She has also been keeping in touch with friends and family, sharing humor and uplifting messages, writing in her journal, and unwinding by twirling her color guard rifle from high school.  She recommends reading the book “The Dance of Fear” by Harriet Lerner to help learn how to cope with any fear or anxiety you may be feeling.


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