Our Financial Approach Proves that Not All Financial Planners Are Created Equal.

Unlike other financial planners who may create complexity to validate high fees, we believe our role is to help enhance your wealth.

Our Financial Approach: Sound Advice That Considers Your Unique Circumstances.

Our approach revolves around your financial goals and how we can help you accomplish your vision for the future. We get to know you through casual yet informative conversations, uncomplicated meetings, and personal care that goes beyond the dollars and cents of your finances.

We Listen

We want to understand your specific financial goals and the personal impact they have in your life.

We Research

Unlike large brokerages or robo-advisors, we never operate on autopilot. We consider many options as we build your unique financial plan.

We Recommend

We believe better financial guidance leads to better financial decisions. We help you navigate uncertainty to make the right choice for you.

We Support

We don’t just create financial plans, we build relationships and provide personalized care to every client.

Who We Serve

For over 35 years, we’ve proven that the work, time, and resources required to achieve your goals is often defined by where you are in your financial journey.

Portfolio Management

Your financial planning, business and legal needs are satisfied. You want professional investment management and back-office support under a flat, fee-only structure. We serve as your Outsourced CIO. Typical clients include Ultra High Net Worth individuals, foundations, endowments, nonprofits, and family offices seeking management of their public securities portfolios.

Wealth Management

Understanding the demands of a busy life, you realize the necessity of entrusting your financial planning to a team of expert advisors. Typical clients will have $1 – $10 million of investment assets wanting a flat fee schedule stated in dollars, not a percentage of their investment assets. We believe this eliminates many of the conflicts traditional advisors face.

Advanced Planning

You have complex challenges and need more than traditional wealth management. We serve as your Personal CFO to help preserve, grow and transfer your wealth. Typical clients will have investment assets in excess of $10 million dollars and do not want to be charged excessive advisor fees simply because they have significant wealth.

Finance Is Personal. So Are We.

That’s why we care about things like tax impact, related costs, and “understandability” when helping you make financial decisions.

We believe that each decision should balance immediate and future financial outcomes, guiding you towards your objectives. Through every choice, we stand by your side to offer clear advice and support.

Pragmatic Advice

You have tangible goals, so we create practical financial plans to get you from point A to point B, and beyond. And we do so by considering multiple scenarios to find an optimal solution that can be implemented in a cost-effective manner.

Straightforward Answers

We provide straight-forward financial advice you can understand, without skimping on details. That way, you can make decisions with confidence. If you have a question, never hesitate to ask, and we promise to give you a straightforward, no-nonsense answer.

Personal Impact

We understand that every financial decision has a personal impacton your future, your family, and your legacy. We help you navigate complex emotional situations with rational, reasoned, and empathetic advice.

Specific Recommendations

Beyond presenting options and financial strategies, we guide you to the most fitting decisions for your future. And our recommendations will never be influenced by anything other than serving your best interests.

Transparent Financial Planning Is The Key To Building Trust.

We do not mask our fees in seemingly marginal percentages. We do not offer biased advice. We lay out our qualifications and business practices in detail in our ADV. It’s about full disclosure from day one, so we can create an open and honest relationship that lasts.

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We Make It Easy To Get Started.

At PDS, we keep our process straightforward so we can focus on building your wealth. Here’s how we’ll get started:

  1. We have a conversation, so we can get to know you and your goals—over coffee, on the phone, or in our office.
  2. We outline the financial services we believe would benefit you, and provide an estimate of cost.
  3. We interactively build a financial plan with you to set a course to accomplish your goals.
  4. We help you implement the recommendations we make.
  5. We monitor financial progress with regular communication and periodic meetings.
  6. Finally, we adapt to the changes that life throws at you, and revise our strategy when necessary.

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