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A Risk-Questionnaire Isn’t An Investment Strategy.

Many advisors simply gather assets, charge a percentage fee, and focus on the next client.

Creating an appropriate investment portfolio means considering numerous implications and possibilities to find the right investment opportunities for your financial goals. With over 30 years of experience helping clients plan their investments from our Columbus office, we’re experts at optimizing an investment plan to each individual’s highly specific needs. As a fiduciary, we help you answer questions like:

  • How do I know if I am properly diversified?
  • Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, annuities—how do I know which product is right for me?
  • What are the underlying costs of my current portfolio?
  • How do I know if I am taking too much risk?
  • How can taxes impact my portfolio?
  • Does my portfolio sync with my financial planning objectives?

We’ll work to understand your vision for the short and long-term. And we will provide objective guidance on the proper path to help reach your goals.

Let’s Start a Conversation

Investment Planning For Your Financial Goals.

Should you invest? Should you pass on an opportunity? Let us help answer that.

Let’s be thoughtful with your investment strategy. We’ll help you pick the right mix of investments to grow your wealth responsibly and meet your lifetime income goals.

Gather Investment Data

Do you have the right investments? In the correct types of accounts? Are they tax-efficient and cost-effective? We’ll work with you to gather all existing information so we can understand your current investment portfolio.

Analyze Investments

What’s your overall portfolio mix? Is it too risky? Does it create unnecessary tax liability? We’ll evaluate each product independently and take a look at your portfolio as a whole to help you find the right products to meet your goals.

Create A Cost Analysis

What are the underlying costs to your investments? Are they eroding your future wealth? We’ll analyze the cost versus return on investment of your products to help you reduce underlying investment costs.

Reconcile Investments

Which investments are underperforming? Which ones match your objectives? We’ll determine which investments you should keep and which you should unwind to help optimize your portfolio.

Development of Tax-Efficient Investment Strategy

How do capital gains distributions impact your tax liability? Are you tax-loss harvesting when the opportunity is available? We’ll build an organized investment strategy while accounting for the impact of taxes to help support your financial plan.

Think you could benefit from a pragmatic, holistic approach to financial planning? Let’s have a conversation to see how we may be able to help.

Let’s Have a Conversation

Know Exactly What You Pay Your Financial Advisor—And Why.

When creating an investment strategy, it’s important you receive objective advice that’s truly in your best interest.

Unlike other advisors who mask their fees with seemingly marginal percentages, or make commission from the sale of products, we operate from a core belief: our primary focus is to enhance your wealth, not ours.

That’s true fiduciary responsibility.

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Transparent Fee-Only Structure

We charge a clear fee for the time and resources it takes the do the planning work required.

Dollars, Not Percentages

We believe it’s unfair to pay more simply because you’re worth more. That’s what a percentage-based fee does. Our fixed-dollar fees reflect our work, not your net worth.

No Commissions

We don’t receive compensation for the sale of securities, insurance products, or other investments.

No Performance-Based Fees

Performance-based compensation creates an incentive for advisors to recommend riskier investments.

No Hidden Costs

We don’t pay referral fees to third-parties, participate in wrap-fee programs, or charge fees for work we don’t perform.

We Work For You

Some firms make money from referral fees. Not at PDS. The only person who pays us is you.

We Know How to Help— Regardless of Where You Are On The Journey.

Whether you’re just starting to build your portfolio, considering new investment opportunities, or want to reevaluate your investment strategy, we’ll take a holistic look at your investments and make recommendations to build a stronger portfolio.

Get Organized

We’ll help you navigate the entire spectrum of investment products to find the right mix to meet your goals.

Optimize Your Portfolio

You’re ready to take a fresh look at your investment strategy. We’ll help you unwind underperforming investments while finding the right opportunities.

Maximize Your Portfolio

You may have sufficient traditional investments, but now everyone wants you to invest in the “next best thing.” Let us help you filter the right opportunities.

It’s Your Life. Let’s Plan For It, Together.

Do you want objective financial advice to help you develop a comprehensive investment strategy? Do you want to feel confident that you have an actual plan, validated by credible financial planners, to accomplish your specific goals? And do you want to have all that without paying any inflated costs or hidden fees?

We’d be happy to meet you. Send us a message and you’ll hear back soon.

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