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Expert Financial Advisors in Columbus Ohio

We are Focused on Your Goals, Not Ours. Fixed-dollar, fee-only
financial advising means your financial goals are prioritized.

When we say we are a different kind of financial advisor, we mean it. No more masking fees in percentage formulas, we talk in straight dollars with fully transparent. We believe in building a personal relationship that makes sense for your financial goals, not our own agenda. Our beliefs include:

  • Creating straightforward & easy-to-understand financial solutions, while eliminating confusing jargon meant to justify high fees.
  • Using a team of highly experienced experts with the proper credentials.
  • We always consider tax planning, business, estate, and family matters when delivering financial advice.
  • Being transparent with our fixed dollar, fee-only pricing.

Regardless of whether you are young and accumulating wealth rapidly or approaching retirement with a considerable nest egg, you deserve strategic and thoughtful advice without excessive advisory fees. PDS provides comprehensive financial planning and portfolio management for a fixed dollar fee that’s based on our work – not your net worth.

Let’s Start a Conversation

Independent Financial Advisors With Decades of Expertise

Balancing work, family, and personal interests is monopolizing your time. It’s important that your advisors truly are putting your interests ahead of their own. We are independent financial advisors. We do not work for a big bank or insurance company, we work for you – and you only.

Our approach will give you the peace of mind that you have a partner to help you reach your goals, and a transparent fee structure to know your interests are being prioritized. We are located in Columbus Ohio, but serve customers from all around the country. We would love to have a discussion with you to understand your needs, and allow you to see how we can provide support in attaining your financial goals.

Taking Control of Your Finances

Understanding all the moving parts of your financial picture will allow us to consider all aspects when making a recommendation. From taxes and investments to insurance and your future generations, comprehensive advice requires comprehensive thinking.

The PDS Financial Advising Framework and Process

Financial planning is best defined as building a framework and process by which we can make smart decisions going forward. We apply this approach to your unique circumstances and that will allow us to deliver counsel that helps you reach your goals.

Professional Integration

No one person can be all things to you. Therefore, we work with your existing professional advisors to make sure everyone is delivering integrated advice that compliments your big picture.

Adding Compound Wealth

Fee structure is a crucial part of your financial success. Does your current advisor charge you more if they manage more investments? Is that really an indicator of work? We don’t think so, and we don’t think it’s in your best interest. That’s why we use a fixed, flat dollar fee rather than a ‘percentage of assets’ method. The compound savings over time will be meaningful to you and your loved ones. Our fee reflects our work, not your net worth.

Know Exactly What You Pay Your Financial Advisor—And Why.

When selecting an advisor, it’s important that you receive objective advice that’s truly in your best interest.

Unlike other advisors who mask their fees with seemingly marginal percentages, or make commission from the sale of products, we operate from a core belief: our primary focus is to enhance your wealth, not ours.

That’s true fiduciary responsibility.

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Transparent fee only Structure

We charge a clear fee for the time and resources it takes the do the planning work required.

No Commissions

We don’t receive compensation for the sale of securities, insurance products, or other investments.

No Performance-Based Fees

Performance-based compensation creates an incentive for advisors to recommend riskier investments.

Dollars, Not Percentages

We believe it’s unfair to pay more simply because you’re worth more. That’s what a percentage-based fee does. Our fixed dollar fees reflect our work, not your net worth.

No Hidden Costs

We don’t pay referral fees to third-parties, participate in wrap-fee programs, or charge fees for work we don’t perform.

We Work For You

Some firms make money from referral fees. Not at PDS. The only person who pays us is you.

We Know How to Help— Regardless of Where You Are On The Journey.

Whether a young woman rising in her career or an executive closing in on the finish line, we can help you live the lifestyle (and leave the legacy) you want in retirement.

Get Organized

How well you start will play a huge role in how you finish. Let’s design the right savings plan, finding a balance between funding your lifestyle vs. your long-term goals.

Optimize Your Plan

You’ve accumulated a lot of assets over the years. Let’s unwind the inefficient ones and focus on the ones that can get you to the finish line.

Maximize Your Plan

It might not be as simple as social security and a 401(k). Devise a plan that incorporates the complexities of your circumstances.

It’s Your Life. Let’s Plan for it, Together.

Do you want objective financial advice to help you build toward your retirement goals? Do you want to feel confident that you have an actual plan, validated by credible financial planners, to help accomplish your specific goals? And do you want to have all that without paying any inflated costs or hidden fees?

We’d be happy to meet you. Leave us a message and you’ll hear back soon.

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