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Owning a Business Isn’t A Financial Plan.

Your business is personal and thus should be part of your financial plan. Whether your future business plans are growth or succession, we will integrate that into your personal financial strategy.

You’ve got business priorities to consider and important issues to focus your energy on. We help you answer important business financial questions like:

  • I want to start my own business. What are the best first steps?
  • What financial and tax structure should my business use?
  • How do I build a business continuity plan?
  • Are there tax advantages for me to give to charity through my business?
  • If I sell my business, how should I structure the deal?
  • Can I align my charitable giving intentions with the sale of my business?

We work with business owners to integrate their business as part of their personal financial plan and navigate complex financial issues.

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Business Owners Have Complex Financial Planning Needs.

Running and owning a business is more than numbers – it’s personal. Because your business plays a critical role in your personal financial plan, you are prone to making emotional decisions.

We want to help simplify complex and emotional decisions by providing pragmatic advice. Whatever your needs, we can help you make the right choices to protect your assets and grow your wealth.

Review Business Plan and Goals

What’s your plan for the business? What are your short and long-term business goals? We evaluate your business plan to make sure it considers your strengths, competition, and future objectives.

Identify Business’s Role in Overall Financial Plan

How does your business plan impact your personal finances and goals? We help you consider your business as part of your financial plan, investment strategy, and tax planning.

Plan for Business Sale or Succession

Are you looking to sell your business? Who will succeed you in running your business? We evaluate and offer counsel on a strategic business succession plan.

Think you could benefit from an objective approach to financial planning? Let’s have a conversation to see how we may be able to help.

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Know Exactly What You Pay Your Financial Advisor—And Why.

When creating a financial plan for your business, it’s important that you receive objective advice that’s truly in your best interest.

Unlike other advisors who mask their fees with seemingly marginal percentages, or make commission from the sale of products, we operate from a core belief: our primary focus is to enhance your wealth, not ours.

That’s true fiduciary responsibility.

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Transparent Fee-Only Structure

We charge a clear fee for the time and resources it takes the do the planning work required.

Dollars, Not Percentages

We believe it’s unfair to pay more simply because you’re worth more. That’s what a percentage-based fee does. Our fixed-dollar fees reflect our work, not your net worth.

No Commissions

We don’t receive compensation for the sale of securities, insurance products, or other investments.

No Performance-Based Fees

Performance-based compensation creates an incentive for advisors to recommend riskier investments.

No Hidden Costs

We don’t pay referral fees to third-parties, participate in wrap-fee programs, or charge fees for work we don’t perform.

We Work For You

Some firms make money from referral fees. Not at PDS. The only person who pays us is you.

We Know How to Help— Regardless of Where You Are On The Journey.

Whether you’re looking to start a business, find tax advantages for your current one, or need an acquisition or continuity plan, we’ll work with you to find the best strategy to reach your business goals.


Setting up a business the right way can propel your financial plan forward. Get it right the first time.


Not enough time? A second set of eyes on your business plan can help you find clarity in your growth strategy.


Whether it be an acquisition, a sale, or an internal succession plan, we will provide counsel that aligns with your personal financial plan.

It’s Your Life. Let’s Plan For It, Together.

Do you want objective advice to create a financial strategy for your business? Do you want to feel confident that you have an actual plan, validated by credible financial planners, to accomplish your specific goals? And do you want to have all that without paying any inflated costs or hidden fees?

We’d be happy to meet you. Send us a message and you’ll hear back soon.

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