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Do You Have The Right Insurance Portfolio?

Insurance Is Often Sold, But Rarely Bought.

Insurance portfolio planning, from a fee-only advisor, helps you answer real questions, like:

  • I have an annuity or cash value life insurance and am concerned it might not be right for me – what questions should I be asking?
  • Will my spouse or children have financial trouble if I unexpectedly pass away?
  • Which type of life insurance is best for me?
  • Would the loss of my income due to a disability cause financial hardship? Do I need disability insurance?
  • Are my employer-sponsored insurance benefits adequate for my personal needs?
  • How would a long term care event financially affect my spouse and heirs?

We’ll evaluate your entire insurance portfolio, including both individual and employer plans, to make sure you and your family are covered – with the right type and amount of insurance.

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A Real Insurance Plan Considers Your Situation.

Why trust salespeople to protect your family’s future?

It seems that everyone is selling insurance these days. Understanding the coverage you need and finding the ideal insurance plans can be complicated and time consuming. Our expert planners help find the right balance of coverage for you and your family so you can have the peace of mind that your loved ones will be taken care of.

Life Insurance Needs Analysis

What type and amount of life insurance do you currently have? Will it be enough to cover your family? We evaluate life insurance needs and help determine the best coverage needed to maintain your family’s lifestyle in the event of your passing.

Group Insurance Benefits Analysis

What insurance do you receive through your employer? Should you consider extending your coverage? We analyze your employer provided group insurance and identify any gaps in coverage that may require additional coverage or plans.

Life Insurance Product Analysis

How do you know which life insurance plans are right for you? What are your life insurance options? We explore the entire spectrum of life insurance plans to make sure we find the right plan for your situation.

Disability Insurance Needs Analysis

What kind of coverage do you need in case of a disability? How would an accident impact your family? How can you protect your income? We help determine what type of disability coverage you need and how much you should carry to protect your family’s financial future.

Long Term Care Analysis

If a life event necessitates long-term care, how will that impact your finances and your family’s future? We plan for different care scenarios to determine what level of long term insurance coverage may be needed to meet your family’s financial needs.

Think you could benefit from a pragmatic approach to financial planning? Let’s have a conversation to see how we may be able to help.

Let’s Have a Conversation

Know Exactly What You Pay Your Financial Advisor—And Why.

When determining your insurance needs and selecting plans, it’s important that you receive objective advice that’s truly in your best interest.

Unlike other advisors who mask their fees with seemingly marginal percentages, or make commission from the sale of products, we operate from a core belief: our primary focus is to enhance your wealth, not ours.

That’s true fiduciary responsibility.

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Transparent Fee-Only Structure

We charge a clear fee for the time and resources it takes the do the planning work required.

Dollars, Not Percentages

We believe it’s unfair to pay more simply because you’re worth more. That’s what a percentage-based fee does. Our fixed-dollar fees reflect our work, not your net worth.

No Commissions

We don’t receive compensation for the sale of securities, insurance products, or other investments.

No Performance-Based Fees

Performance-based compensation creates an incentive for advisors to recommend riskier investments.

No Hidden Costs

We don’t pay referral fees to third-parties, participate in wrap-fee programs, or charge fees for work we don’t perform.

We Work For You

Some firms make money from referral fees. Not at PDS. The only person who pays us is you.

We Know How to Help— At All Stages Of Life & Wealth.

We can help you prepare for life’s events—covering yourself, your family, and other dependents. We understand how insurance needs change over time and will help you get the right coverage for your situation.

Get Organized

Understand your employer-sponsored insurance, identify gaps in coverage, and avoid cash value life insurance traps.

Optimize Your Coverage

As your wealth and family grows, make sure your insurance coverage evolves too.

Maximize Your Plan

Your insurance needs change as life gets more complex. Make sure you have the right coverage for your legacy.

It’s Your Life. Let’s Plan For It, Together.

Do you want objective financial advice to help you determine your insurance needs and select coverage? Do you want to feel confident that you have an actual plan, validated by credible financial planners, to accomplish your specific goals? And do you want to have all that without paying any inflated costs or hidden fees?

We’d be happy to meet you. Send us a message and you’ll hear back soon.

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