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The PDS Financial Planning Guide

Financial planning is an important part of ensuring your financial security. Working with a qualified financial planner that has your best interests at the forefront will help you achieve your financial goals and live a comfortable life. At PDS Planning, we take a partnership approach to factor in all implication of your financial journey. Learn more about financial planning at PDSPlanning.

What Is Financial Advising?

In order to achieve your financial goals, the financial planning team at PDS Planning works with you to review your financial health now and how that will carry into the future. Our team will help you build a strategy that is focused on you with comprehensive financial planning and portfolio management.

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What is a flat-fee advisor?

PDS Planning is a  flat-fee financial advising firm. Our fees are transparent.We charge a fixed fee for our services, regardless of the amount of assets we manage. At PDS Planning you know exactly how much you will be charged upfront.

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Find a financial advisor that is right for you!

Our financial advising team takes a different approach. Our goal is to take out the stress of financial planning. We do this working collaboratively with each other and our clients and being available to answer any questions you may have every step of the way. Meet our team below!

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