PDS Planning Employee Spotlight – Kyle Euton

After graduating from Ohio University with a BA in Finance and Economics, Kyle Euton worked for a number of large financial institutions prior to joining PDS Planning, including Fidelity Investments. In this most recent role, Kyle helped corporate executives and company insiders manage their equity compensation. He had the opportunity to discuss how the awards fit into the clients’ overall plan, review divesting strategies for their concentrated position, and advise on tax implications to consider.

In this somewhat unique position, Kyle also worked directly with corporate counsel and plan administrators to ensure open trading windows and SEC filing requirements were in good order. He says, “It was a great experience for me and I’ve been able to utilize this specialization to benefit our clients here at PDS in helping them get the most out of their equity compensation.”

As Portfolio Manager for PDS, Kyle is responsible for supporting the client/advisor relationship by aligning each portfolio with the client’s overall objective, timeline, and risk preferences. He also partners with the advisor during planning reviews to provide portfolio updates, regarding overall allocation, performance, recommendations, and economic outlook.

“I work to ensure the overall implementation and ongoing management of the portfolio is a success,” Kyle explains.  “This involves everything from account openings, asset placement, to investment schedules for clients.”

At PDS, we are proud to have a team of forward-thinking leaders, expert planners, and staff who approach our clients’ financial decisions the same way we approach investing our own money. Learn more about Kyle’s role with PDS, as well as about how he spends his time away from work.


How do you think PDS Planning is different from other financial planning firms?

PDS is a fiduciary, and we act solely in our client’s best interests. Cliché, yes but I don’t think it can be overstated as not all advisors act in this capacity. Another differentiator is how we simplify the financial planning process. Although the investment business can seem complex, we take pride in providing clear, straightforward advice.

An investor must have the will, skill, and time to manage their portfolio and retirement plan. PDS is here to help with any deficiency so you can allocate your time to what is most important to you.


What is your favorite aspect of working at PDS?

We act as a family and we view our clients in the same way. Operating as an independent advisor, we’re a small professional group with diverse backgrounds, collaborating towards the same goal. This team approach ensures we are providing the best recommendation for our clients.


Do you see anything new on the horizon of the financial planning industry?

I won’t make any predictions, but Direct Indexing, Alternative Investing, and ESG (environmental, social responsibility, and governance) Investing are a few topics I’m keeping an eye on. Technology is ever-evolving in all businesses and it’s no surprise that investors have more information, improved transparency, and product offerings than ever before. As a result, investors are becoming more selective and curious to find different ways to invest.

Take ESG investing, for example. Although it certainly is not a new concept and sustainability has been around for decades, it has become significantly more prevalent over the last couple of years. We are seeing more and more product offerings from financial institutions to meet this investor demand. Specifically, millennials are coming into their prime investing years, and these “value investors” are aligning their money with their interests. It’ll be interesting to see how this landscape evolves over time.


Tell us about your family

My wife Jessie and I met here in Columbus after we had both graduated from Ohio University and were married in August 2020. Jessie also works in finance for Bath & Body Works. We recently moved to Dublin and welcomed our daughter Ruby last November. She is our first and we’ve been soaking up all the newborn snuggles and trying to catch up on sleep when we can.


When you are not working, how do you like to spend your free time?  

Recently, my time outside of work has all been spent with Ruby. It’s been such a pleasure introducing her to friends and family. She’s the first grandchild of all the grandparents so you can imagine all the excitement!

We also enjoy meeting up with friends and trying new restaurants. Over the last several years, we’ve taken an interest in wine and I’m always looking for the best bottle of Cabernet. We’ve been to Napa Valley a couple times and would love to make this a recurring trip with our entire family.

I consider golf my primary hobby. I’m hopeful Ruby will take an interest as she gets older and joins me on the course to show me how it’s really done!


What are you reading/watching/listening to?

I grew up in Cincinnati and, as a result, listen to a lot of Cincinnati sports talk radio. This drives my wife crazy! But we’ve switched over to some of her preferred pop culture podcasts when we’re together in the car, although I’m too embarrassed to disclose which ones. As for what we’ve been watching, we’ve recently finished Succession and Yellowstone and really enjoyed both.


Are you involved with PDS Cares?

I’m very proud to be part of a company that is involved in the community and gives back in a meaningful way. This year I plan to support my wife’s Pelotonia ride to honor members of the family that passed in 2021 from cancer.




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