Once we visited the website of the organization you are going to read about, how could PDS CARES not select this program for our eighth donation, headed up by PDS Client, Paula Baur!
“In 2001, seven caring women formed an organization, Scholarship Opportunity for Success, to help central Ohio women at or near the poverty level with financial aid for education. Since that first year, we have paid educational expenses of over $330,000 to impoverished women, mostly single mothers. In 2002, we gave two $1,000 scholarships. This spring we are giving 22 scholarships to women, with a value of $64,000! In addition to this, we have established an Endowment fund at the Columbus Foundation with some of our money to insure the continuation of our efforts.
We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We offer grants for tuition, books, computers, childcare, and other basic needs that a student must have. We have had many success stories and each year we have been able to help with more money thanks to our fundraising efforts.
Currently we have 14 Board Members and over 70 volunteers that make what we do work. I hope PDS will consider this for one of their 30 gift donations this year.”
– Paula Baur, SOS Board President
Well Paula, PDS CARES not only considered “SOS” as a recipient of the 30 gifts for 30 years, we are pleased to support your efforts by making a donation to your organization as the eighth 501(c)(3) selected who will receive grant dollars to help you continue the wonderful work your organization is doing. For more information on Scholarship Opportunity for Success visit: http://sosgrants.org/index.html
PDS CARES “30 for 30” is a charitable gifting program which will make donations to thirty 501(c)(3) charities in 2015 in celebration of PDS Planning, Inc’s 30th year anniversary.