Congratulations to the Aids Resource Center Ohio (“ARC Ohio”) who has been selected as the ninth recipient selected to receive a donation from the PDS CARES “30 for 30” charitable gifting program!
PDS Planning clients, Wayne and Donna Rhodeback nominated ARC Ohio and had the following to say about this important organization: “HIV/AIDS is not, nor ever has been a “gay” disease, it’s a blood disease that anyone can get. That’s why we like them so much – they really provide a unique and comprehensive blend of services not only to the patient, but to everyone around them that is impacted by this disease and strive to overturn the stigma of HIV.  They treat the whole person and the community. Education is one of the most powerful weapons of a disease such as this; and very much worth supporting. It was interesting to learn that ARC Ohio is a compilation of many grass roots organizations that came together to serve the entire state.”
In 2014, ARC Ohio partnered with Camp Sunrise, which is a camp for kids impacted by or living with HIV/AIDS. ARC Ohio strives to prevent discrimination against people with HIV/AIDS. HIV/AIDS is a blood disease that anyone can get. Education, research and community support can go a long way towards stopping the spread of this disease and improving the quality of life of those (and their families) affected by it.
ARC Ohio provides many resources to persons living with HIV/Aids.  They make sure everyone with HIV can get access to medical and pharmacy services, including specialized medical care and medical centers. They also provide mental health and social services.  ARC Ohio provides education about HIV/AIDS and how to prevent its spread. They also offer a housing program, sponsor support groups, offer HIV testing along with other STD testing, and provide prevention programs.
To learn more about ARC Ohio visit:
PDS CARES “30 for 30” is a charitable gifting program which will make donations to thirty 501(c)(3) charities in 2015 in celebration of PDS Planning, Inc’s 30th year anniversary.