The REAL ID Act established security standards for Driver’s Licenses and State-issued IDs that will go into effect beginning October 1, 2020.  The primary impact on most people will be for commercial airline travel (i.e. TSA security checkpoints).  Current status of your particular state of residence’s compliance along with Frequently Asked Questions are regularly updated at the Department of Homeland Security’s REAL ID website.  We recommend you consult your state of residence’s DMV/BMV/MVC for rules and requirements specific to your particular state.

For OHIO RESIDENTS, beginning July 2, 2018, you will still begin the initial or renewal Driver License (DL) or State ID (ID) process at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) (including providing required documentation and having your photo taken), but the physical DL/ID card will no longer be issued at the BMV at that time (you will receive a temporary card/confirmation).  You will receive the physical card via mail in approximately 10 days .  Driver’s Licenses and State IDs will continue to be valid for four years and will require a new photograph with every renewal.  Obtaining a REAL ID-compliant card requires more documentation than the standard card (see the FAQ for required documentation). Customers not interested in or not needing to use their state-issued credentials for federal ID purposes will have the option (for now) of obtaining a standard DL/ID without additional documentation requirements beyond those currently in place.  Ohio Driver License and Identification cards, issued prior to July 2, 2018, will not be accepted by the TSA after October 1, 2020.