I’m Trina, and I CARE about the youth in our community.  I support Big Brother Big Sisters (BBBS) of Central Ohio which provides at risk youth with caring and committed mentoring relationships.  This cause is important to me because of how impactful positive relationships and unique experiences were in my formative years.  I was able to view the world through someone else’s eyes and experience the world beyond my front door.  Because of those interactions, I learned how to dream, hope and plan for a better life.  My hope is that today’s youth have the opportunity to become bigger dreamers and better planners.  That’s why I support BBBS.  I’m in this for good. – Trina Brown
I’m Rita, and I CARE about the fight to find a cure for diabetes. My father passed away 12 years ago from diabetes, after being diagnosed when he was only 26 years old. It’s disheartening to see what this disease can do to the human body. For over 25 years my family and I have supported the American Diabetes Association in their fight to find a cure. My siblings and I hope to be the first generation in our family, to have a chance against this disease. Live healthy and stay active. That is why I CARE about finding a cure. I’m in this for good. – Rita Itsell
I’m Janelle, and I CARE about finding creative ways to be a voice for the voiceless and bring hope to the hopeless. My husband and I are actively involved in our church’s partnership with Asia’s Hope, a Columbus-based organization dedicated to providing holistic, family-based care for orphans in Asia who are at high risk of sexual and economic exploitation. We’ve spent several weeks in India developing relationships and friendships with the leaders, children, and staff of Asia’s Hope and capturing their stories through visual arts to help raise awareness, funds, and support for the organization. I believe that every child deserves physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual care under the love and protection of a family, and I’ve seen children’s lives change because of the love they received and the hope they were given. Hope is a powerful thing, and that’s why I CARE. I’m in this for good.  – Janelle Jackson
I’m Shannon, and I CARE about the fight to cure ovarian cancer.  My Mother in-law passed away from ovarian cancer a month before my son was born.  She lived less than a year after being diagnosed. We participate in the ovarian cancer walk every year and donate to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, in hope of a cure.  We lost someone that we loved dearly to this dreadful disease.  That is why I CARE. I’m in this for good. – Shannon Sauer
I’m Kurt, and I CARE about helping our neighbors who are less fortunate.  My family and I donate our time and resources to Neighborhood Services, Inc., one of the oldest food pantries in Columbus.  We hope that these efforts, along with many other citizens’, will help alleviate poverty and hunger.  I’m in this for good. – Kurt Brown
I’m Laurie, and I CARE about helping the fight against breast cancer.  I have several close friends that have recently had to battle with breast cancer.  Breast cancer is a terrible disease that I feel strongly about supporting and I will continue in the fight against breast cancer.  I’m in this for good. – Laurie Licata
I’m Dean, and I CARE about helping in the fight to cure Ovarian Cancer.  My family and I support The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund which is the oldest and largest charity in the US that is dedicated to Ovarian Cancer Research.  My mother passed away from this terrible disease too early after living an otherwise healthy life.  We need to find better ways to screen and prevent this disease and that is why I CARE. I’m in this for good. – Dean Schuler
I’m Austin, and I CARE about honoring our Veterans for their service to our country. I have and continue to support Honor Flight Columbus, which charters flights to Washington D.C. to bring World War II and Korean War veterans to visit their respective memorials. Many of the soldiers that have fought for our freedom in these wars do not have the means or physical capabilities to make it to these sites on their own. Most of us CARE about someone that has either served, or is serving, and I will continue to do what I can to help them feel appreciated and respected. I’m in this for good. – Austin Gibson
I’m Jamie, and I CARE about helping in the fight to cure cancer. My family and I support Pelatonia each year, as well as MMORE, which funds the research to fight Multiple Myeloma. My mom and dad, my grandparents, and my wife’s father have all been affected by cancer. When you think about it, we all have, and that’s why I CARE. I will continue to fight this terrible disease. I’m in this for good. – Jamie Menges
I’m Alyssa, and I CARE about the finding a cure for breast cancer. I donate and participate in the Komen Race for the Cure. My Grandmother had breast cancer and I choose to honor her memory by running in the event to raise both funds and awareness for this cause. I’m in this for good. – Alyssa Anderson
I’m Bob, and I CARE about helping to fight hunger here in our own city.  Susan and I support Neighborhood Services, Inc., one of Central Ohio’s oldest food pantries.  The need for hunger services has never been greater, and that is why we have financially supported and  volunteered for a number of years at NSI.    While people in Central Ohio know about the Mid-Ohio Food Bank, very few realize that it is the food pantries, not the food bank, that deliver the services to individuals.  We believe it is important to support those organizations that actually provide those services, and that is why we CARE.  I’m in this for good. – Bob Cochran
I’m Jim, and I CARE about giving special needs individuals the opportunity to experience the joy of competing in sports through Special Olympics.  As an educator, I was so impressed with our special needs teacher and her passion to ensure her students had the opportunity to participate in sports.  Through Special Olympics that opportunity becomes a reality.  The joy of those participants is an inspiration and why I CARE. I’m in this for good. – Jim Hamilton