A friend of PDS Planning, Inc., Beth Maxwell, submitted Lutheran Social Services Food Pantry, for consideration of a donation through the PDS CARES 30 Years, 30 Gifts 2015 charitable gifting program. PDS CARES has selected LSS Food Pantry as our 12th recipient of our donation program and extend our best wishes for many years to come.
A brief history from the website: Lutheran Social Services (LSS) has been serving the hungry since 1927. Our choice food pantries and mobile food pantry serve the community by providing food to individuals and families in need. Our customers are often no different from you or me. They are mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, sisters and brothers. They are working adults who may have difficulty paying rent, utilities or other household expenses. They simply need assistance to make ends meet.
There are several LSS food pantry locations in the central Ohio area for any families that are in need – see Pantry Locations. You can also get involved, make a donation, and learn more about this organization by visiting their website: http://lssfoodpantries.org/.
PDS CARES “30 Years, 30 Gifts” is a charitable gifting program which will make donations to thirty 501(c)(3) charities in 2015 in celebration of PDS Planning, Inc’s 30th year anniversary.