PDS CARES has selected Cat Welfare Association as our 19th week donation recipient of the 30 Years, 30 Gifts program. Carol Ann Bradley, a client of PDS Planning nominated this wonderful rescue organization. Carol Ann says “I have volunteered at Cat Welfare for 6 years. This is a no-kill shelter and is usually at capacity (250 cats). Each cat receives shots/vaccinations, spaying or neutering, and microchipping before adoption. The goal is adoption, but if a cat is not adopted (sometimes because of age, health problem, behavior issue) he/she has a home at the shelter for life. Cat Welfare also assists cat owners who are unable to pay for spaying/neutering of their own cats with low-cost surgeries. Cat Welfare relies on donations, bequests, fund-raising to fund the budget.”
Carol Ann continued “The staff and the volunteers care for these cats lovingly 24/7 and provide a place where they are safe, warm (or cool), and dry. One of the CW cats stole my heart 5 years ago. She has been a loving companion for both me and my older cat ever since.”
PDS CARES is happy to select this wonderful organization as a gift recipient. For additional information on Cat Welfare Association and the tireless work they do, visit: http://www.catwelfareassoc.org/
PDS CARES “30 Years, 30 Gifts” is a charitable gifting program which will make donations to thirty 501(c)(3) charities in 2015 in celebration of PDS Planning, Inc’s 30th year anniversary.