Every year at this time, we each at some point (often with a drink in hand) boldly state our resolutions for the coming year. And sometimes, we’re a bit too ambitious in our goals. It’s with the utmost good intentions that we do this, but by late January, the realities of our busy life set in and make it hard to remain focused on those big steps forward. So this year, instead of focusing on such a large task, let’s set our New Week’s Resolution, then carry it out 52 times. For example, here are 3 very attainable weekly goals.

  1. Each week, decide to make one sacrifice for your financial well-being. It might be as simple as foregoing one cup of expensive coffee. Or it might be saying no to that new pair of shoes. Each week, make one choice that will allow you to save some additional money. Remember, it’s a sacrifice, so don’t splurge twice the following week. Do this every week and even if it’s just that $4 cup of coffee, you will save over $200!
  1. Each week, make a decision that promotes exercise. For example, you may choose to take the stairs instead of ride an elevator. You might decide to get up from your desk each day and walk around the block. You can really challenge yourself by building on these each week!
  1. Focus on the positive! Find something each week that was a positive for you and tell someone about it. By talking about these things, you will naturally feel better than when you focus on the negative. In sharing this, you might ask the other person what positive things they have had happen. When we’re in a positive mind-set, good things happen!

Hopefully you find these tips helpful as you set out for a healthy and prosperous 2016!