As Office Coordinator, I interface and assist clients personally in the office and by phone along with planning events, office meetings, and managing the day to day needs to keep the office running efficiently. I also manage client billing and distribution of investment reports and assist with many additional tasks as needed in the office.

Personal Mission

Provide friendly service to exceed the client’s expectations while making them feel at ease no matter what their concerns are.

What I Love About PDS

I truly believe the entire team is working to cater to the client’s needs with a focus on what is best for them and their own personal goals.

About Me:

I have been with PDS for 2 ½ years already and enjoy my role as the office administrator since it allows me to interface with all of our clients as well as all of the PDS staff.

On a more personal note, my husband and I have 3 grown sons. We will soon be empty nesters as our youngest son is getting ready to graduate from high school and will be off to Miami University. I am looking forward to spending time with friends and family as my role at home changes.

When I’m not gardening, you can find me cooking, trying new recipes and creating some unique ones of my own.