Brought to the attention of PDS CARES by PDS clients Bill & Sharon McGraw, is the 21st charitable organization selected to receive a donation from the 30 Years, 30 Gifts program.
Nellie’s Catwalk for Kids (also known as NC4K) explains how this organization started on their “About Us” webpage. “It all started in 2007 when a 16 year old girl, Nellie Krumlauf, wanted to make an impact on the world around her. After experiencing her grandmother, Goldie, lose her battle to cancer Nellie knew she had to do something to help others dealing with this horrible disease. While doing research she found that childhood cancer is the least funded type of cancer and also the number one leading cause of death by disease of children. Right then she knew something had to be done!
Nellie’s original plan for NC4K was to be just a one-time fashion show with all the money raised going to Nationwide Children’s Hospital. As she started the planning process she met a little girl named Eden, little did she know Eden would change her whole plan! When Nellie met Eden she was going through her second battle with cancer and in the midst of treatments, doctors’ appointments, hospital stays and everything else that comes with the battle, Eden could not wait to model in the very first fashion show. Nellie was amazed at how much life and energy was in this little girl that was dealing with so much. When it came time for the show Eden was ready in her black dress, sparkly bald head and gold shoes, and of course as soon as she stepped out into the bright lights she stole the show! As she strutted her stuff down the catwalk the audience could not help but honor her with a standing ovation. As the show ended Eden leaped into Nellie’s arms and said with her sweet voice “That was soooooo much fun….I can’t wait until next year!” It was at that point Nellie knew NC4K had to be more than just a one-time fashion show. Sadly, in late 2008 Eden lost her battle to this disease, but she is with us in everything we do.
Today NC4K is more than just a fashion show.
Over a million dollars has been raised to help meet the needs of families as they travel through a journey in their life they never imagined they would be on. All because of one 16-year-old girl with inspiration from her grandma and passion to help and one spunky little girl NC4K has evolved into helping hundreds of families live life a little easier.”
Ways NC4K supports families of cancer patients:

  • Financial rescue when families need it most
  • Weekly snack bags and monthly meals to patients and families at Nationwide Children’s
  • Mom & Dad Nights Out
  • Family Fun Nights Out
  • Fashion Shows at Oncology Camps
  • Back to School supplies and clothes
  • Christmas Presents
  • Quality one-on-one time

…And anything in-between to help make their life a little easier.
PDS CARES is pleased to make a gift to NC4K to help them continue their work for cancer patients and their families. Learn more about NC4K and how you can participate by visiting:!home/mainPage You can also find NC4K on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, You Tube, Instagram and LinkedIn!
PDS CARES “30 Years, 30 Gifts” is a charitable gifting program which will make donations to thirty 501(c)(3) charities in 2015 in celebration of PDS Planning, Inc’s 30th year anniversary.