This week, the PDS CARES 30 Years, 30 Gifts nomination of Nationwide Children’s Hospital – Children’s Champions comes from Gary Ross, a friend of PDS Planning, Inc. Gary writes “Children’s Champions are a team of fundraising marathoners who support life‐saving pediatric care at Children’s Hospital. This year, I run for my friend Caroline Gilani from New Albany, OH. Caroline is my 7‐year old inspiration who recently found a cancerous tumor in her lung ‐ and over the past 9 months has fought and undergone surgery, radiation and chemotherapy! With the help of Children’s Hospital – she is beating this cancer.
Recently I celebrated with family and friends at my ‘One year after party’! I am celebrating my first year over my battle against prostate cancer – a battle I am winning with your prayers and support!
I am running for Caroline at the Columbus Marathon and raising money for her at the same time. Caroline will be stationed at Mile 7 during the race so if you come, please go to mile 7 and join her there as runners go by.
Caroline and I share courage and energy to take on challenges and you can be part of our team this fall!”
PDS CARES is happy to support Gary in his efforts for Caroline. To learn more about Nationwide Children’s – Children’s Champions visit:
PDS CARES “30 Years, 30 Gifts” is a charitable gifting program which will make donations to thirty 501(c)(3) charities in 2015 in celebration of PDS Planning, Inc’s 30th year anniversary.