Investment Planning & Financial Planning Services

You don’t want to skip steps or cut corners when it comes to planning your financial future. PDS Planning is right there with you, acting as a fiduciary, putting your interests ahead of ours – always. The professionals at our Columbus, Ohio financial planning firm will work with you personally to find the most appropriate path that will allow you to reach your long-term goals. Learn more about our process here.

We offer an array of financial planning services for each unique situation. Here you will find an outline for each of the services we may address.

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Investment Planning Services

Financial Planning Services for Investors Columbus Ohio
  • Creation and on-going monitoring of an Investment Policy Statement (IPS), stating your goals, time horizon and risk tolerance.
  • Analysis of your current portfolio, including the historical returns of investment classes in your personal portfolio and IRA’s, and a discussion of how they match your objectives.
  • Recommendations for changes to your portfolio to accomplish your retirement objectives and match your risk tolerance.
  • On-going portfolio management consisting of quarterly or semi-annual reviews, with recommendations for changes consistent with your goals.

Tax Planning

  • Examination of current and previous year’s tax returns and a discussion and suggestions for any appropriate changes. We will work with your tax preparer or CPA, if necessary.
  • Tax projection and discussion of changing and controlling income and deductions to attempt to maximize tax efficiency.
  • Identify qualified plan opportunities including Roth IRA’s and Roth Conversions and whether or not there are changes that create advantages to help reach your retirement goals.

Business Planning

  • Provide the entity type and business structure that best suit your business.
  • Summary of your current real estate and business holdings.
  • Asset protection options for your business assets.
  • Review of retirement or personal savings plans that best fit you and your entity.
  • Creation of a plan to transfer your small business to the next generation of your family or to an outside buyer.

Risk Analysis & Planning

  • Prepare an audit of your life insurance program consisting of the value, cost, ownership and beneficiary designation for each policy and recommendations for any changes.
  • Provide a projection of the life insurance need in the event of the premature death of you or your spouse.
  • Review the considerations of and possible need for Long Term Care insurance.
  • Review of your current disability income insurance programs, if necessary.

Financial Statements

New Family Financial Planning Services Columbus
  • Creation of a personal balance sheet showing your assets, liabilities and total net worth which will be used as a baseline for tracking year to year progress.
  • Summary of your investment portfolio categorized into cash, fixed and variable holdings.
  • Summary of all real estate and business holdings and the entity in which they are held.

Cash Flow Management

  • Preparation and review of a detailed income and expense statement that can be used to identify whether there are areas for improvement.
  • Creation of an income and expense statement to identify discretionary cash flow that can be used to accomplish your financial and family goals.
  • Summary of existing debt and a discussion on whether there is a need to consolidate or revise to improve your cash flow.
  • Plan to accomplish your dream of a second home, starting a business or any other personal venture.


  • Projection of current contributions to retirement plans or personal investments at different growth rates.
  • Annual tracking of the progress toward your lifetime income or retirement planning goals.

Education Planning

  • Prepare a projection of the inflated costs to provide primary and secondary private schooling.
  • Prepare a projection of the inflated costs for a 4-5 year college education.
  • Discuss options available to “pre pay” the costs for college including any existing funds, section 529 plans, custodial accounts, and gifting.
  • Create a plan to accomplish your education goal for children or grandchildren.

Lifetime Income & Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning Services & Estate Planning
  • Guidance in establishing a retirement income goal adjusted for inflation at your target retirement age.
  • Review projections using different growth and inflation rates and discuss how it matches your inflation adjusted retirement income goal to age 100.
  • Annual tracking on the progress or status of the portfolio toward the lifetime income goal.
  • Coordinating distributions from personal investment and retirement accounts at the time of withdrawals.
  • Retirement planning for required minimum distributions from your retirement accounts beginning at age 70 ½.

Estate Planning

  • A reading of your current wills, trusts, Powers of Attorney, beneficiary designations, titles to property and other pertinent documents to ensure that they are in line with your goals.
  • Propose changes or additions to your documents and portfolio to ensure the transfer of assets according to your wishes and with the least amount of cost and taxes. We will work with your attorney or supply you with a list of attorneys to consider if changes are to be made to your estate planning documents.
  • Projection of federal and state estate tax and a discussion of the need to consider estate planning strategies to reduce these costs.
  • Explanation of the various charitable giving tools and options such as appropriate beneficiary designations, donor advised funds, charitable lead and remainder trusts and a discussion of whether or not they might fit your plans.